Plano Real Estate

Plano is located just north of Dallas. It was declared the best place in America to live in a 2005 article from CNN Money magazine. It is a prosperous city that nearly 270,000 residents call home. In a 2007 article, CNN declared Plano the wealthiest city in the US (of cities with more than 250,000 in habitants.) Plano schools are consistently competitive in the nation rankings for best scores. The annual Plano balloon festival and International festival attract visitors from all over Texas. Plano is also home to many large corporations. Alliance Data, Cinemark Theatres, Dell Services, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Ericsson, Frito Lay, HP Enterprise Services, Huawei, J.C. Penney, Pizza Hut, Rent a ­Center, and Siemens PLM Software all have headquarters in Plano.

Golf Course Communities

Plano has a cornucopia of Golf Course Communities. So if you love playing golf, buy a home for sale in Plano and experience these communities and the luxuries they have to offer. 

Chase Oaks ­­The Courses at Watters Creek (public)

Gleneagles Country Club ­­King's Course/Queen's Course (private)

Los Rios Country Club (semiprivate)

Pecan Hollow Municipal Golf (public)

Preston wood Country Club ­­The Hills (private) ­

Ridgeview Ranch Golf Club (public) ­

Parks and Greenbelts Galore!

Plano has a lot of wonderful parks to spend some relaxation with family and friends, as well as many greenbelts for walking, running or bike riding. Visitors will enjoy the scenic views and amenities that each park has to offer.

Master Planned Communities

Here is the list of master planned communities in Plano and the average price range of its homes.


Bent Trail...$120,000-­150,000

Highland Creek Manor...$125,000-­220,000

Bristol Park...$130,000­-170,000

Roehampton Court...$130,000-­215,000

The Trails...$130,000­-165,000

Parkway Village...$135,000­-140,000

Highland Ridge...$140,000­-300,000

Oakwood Glen ...$140,000­-210,000

Quail Creek...$140,000­-260,000

Ridgeview Ranch...$140,000-­280,000

Spring Ridge...$140,000­-325,000

Russell Creek...$150,000-­380,000

Woods at Russell Creek...$150,000-­190,000

Preston Green...$155,000­-175,000

Preston View...$155,000


Stoney Hollow...$170,000-­360,000

Highlands of Russell Park...$180,000-­250,000

Stone wood Glen ...$190,000­-230,000

Oak Creek Estates...$195,000-­350,000

Ridgeview Park...$200,000­-225,000

Preston Parkside...$200,000-­390,000

Hills at Preston wood...$210,000-­650,000

Wolf Creek Estates ...$215,000­-340,000

Preston Ridge...$230,000­-340,000

Bent Tree West...$240,000-­400,000

Sun creek...$240,000­-410,000

Northridge Estates...$250,000-­350,000

Windy Meadow ...$250,000-­350,000

Windhaven Farms...$260,000­-1million

Estates of Forest Creek...$265,000-­320,000

Shalimar at Preston Trails...$300,000-­400,000

Cypress Creek...$340,000­-510,000

Willow Bend...$350,000­-1.5million

Cambridge Place...$380,000-­1+million

Indian Creek...$400,000­

Lakeside on Preston...$450,000-­1+million

Shoal Creek...$450,000­-1.5million

Pebble brook...$620,000-­690,000


Kings Gate...$800,000­-2+million


If you come to look for food in Plano, you'll be given a taste of everything that you want. The food varies from Austrian to Vietnamese cuisine. The Mexican food could never be out of the list. Plano abounds with restaurants that offers delicious and appetizing dish. Here are the some of the graded A restaurants in Plano.



Plano ISD's 71 schools feature award ­winning architecture, state ­of ­the ­art technology, and well ­maintained grounds. As beacons of knowledge in our masterfully planned and celebrated Plano community, our schools and administrative facilities house approximately 55,000 + students and nearly 7,000 employees.


The word Plano means "plain" in Spanish. The community of Plano originated in the early 1840′s in the Republic of Texas. Most of the early pioneers migrated from Kentucky and Tennessee as small groups of settlers found their way to Collin County’s black land prairie. The scattered settlements had now become a closer community and Dr.Dye felt the need for a proper name and he dispatched to Washington D.C., an application requesting the name of Fillmore, in honor of the President of the United States. The name Fillmore was rejected and the name Foreman was suggested but declined by William Foreman. Dr. Dye, determined to have a community with a recognized name suggested Plano. Mail service was established around 1850 and William Foreman’s home became the unofficial post office. William Foreman served as the first postmaster.

With the completion of the Houston and Texas Railroad in 1872, the city was on its way to new growth. By 1874, the population numbered over 500. Plano was the first depot by rail entering Collin County by the south. The city was in corporate in June 1873, and the town’s first official mayor was C.J.E. Kellner. Buildings and business flourished in the 1880′s. Almost anything would be bought or traded in Plano. When the U.S. population began its historic shift in the 1970s, Plano welcomed newcomers warmly and this resulted in Plano being one of the fastest ­growing cities in Texas and the U.S.

Impressed by the meticulous planning and development of the city and the positive attitude of the local business community, many professionals and executives began moving to the city. Today Plano looks and is much changed from the city of just a generation ago, but the growth of the city and the nature of its spirit can be traced back to those first settlers who came to the area 150 years ago.

Choosing an Agent

It’s important to choose the right agent to help you sift through the many choices of Plano homes for sale. Many people believe that a buyer’s agent will increase their cost of buying a home. In Texas, all the commission is paid by the seller. This commission is split between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent. This keeps the costs down for purchasing a home. Since the listing agent represents the seller. It is essential that buyers are equally represented. Fortunately, this is done at no additional cost to the buyer.

A buyer’s agent is not just for opening doors to homes. A buyer’s agent can help you find homes for sale in Plano with advanced search engines. He can also provide you with valuing a home to make sure you’re not paying too much. He can also provide helpful advice concerning your home as an investment by advising you on which updates will help the homes resale value.

So if you are a buyer looking for great luxurious home, give us a call. We would love to show you a home for sale in Plano. If you still have questions, please give us a call at 214­725­5989.